141 | 365

well grasshopper,
you’ve got yourself,
in a bit of a pickle.

holding on for life,
on the transparent surface,
of my car window.

your determination,
in this billowing wind,
made you an instant hero.

one gust too strong,
you’ve left our slipstream,
65 was past your grip strength.

Did you survive,
this blustery trip,
this windy ride and tumbling lift?

now we know,
the story’s close.

The truck we passed,
with risqué stickers,
just turned on its windshield wipers.

113 | 365

Falling, Fall and Fell
For my daughters.

The first was a feeling
of falling in the air,
with nothing to catch me,
but her steady stare.

The second was a season,
brisk and colorful,
mischievous and shifty,
like weather in the Fall.

The third had all of me,
completely wrapped about,
all she asks I give,
my love completely fell.