Week One — Self Portrait
Week Two — The Open Road
Week Three — Outside Looking In
Week Four — Repetition
Week Five — Space Aged
Week Six — Home is where the heart is…
Week Seven — I’ll try anything once…
Week Eight — Living in a modern world…
Week Nine — Alone
Week Ten — How did that get there…
Week Eleven — Blue Collar
Week Twelve — Out of Proportion
Week Thirteen — 8 seconds open…
Week Fourteen — A place to rest your head…
Week Fifteen — Happiness is…
Week Sixteen — Wabi Sabi
Week Seventeen — What’s in your bag?
Week Eighteen — Randventure
Week Nineteen — When the lights are out…
Week Twenty — Clutter
Week Twenty-one — Lost
Week Twenty-two — Time heals all…
Week Twenty-three — I feel small…
Week Twenty-four — Inside Out
Week Twenty-five — It was all a dream…
Week Twenty-six — Reflection
Week Twenty-seven — Grab Bag
Week Twenty-eight — Where I Live
Week Twenty-nine — A solid foundation…
Week Thirty — Lovestruck
Week Thirty-one — The road less traveled…
Week Thirty-two — Well Worn
Week Thirty-three — Street Art
Week Thirty-four — El Natural
Week Thirty-five — Panoramic
Week Thirty-six — Solitude
Week Thirty-seven — Handmade
Week Thirty-eight — Free
Week Thirty-nine — Man vs. Machine
Week Forty — Tradition
Week Forty-one — Searching for…
Week Forty-two — Unnatural Beauty
Week Forty-three — Friction
Week Forty-four — Piles
Week Forty-five — Blessed with Work
Week Forty-six — Color Minded
Week Forty-seven — Emotion
Week Forty-eight — Fall Into
Week Forty-nine — Together
Week Fifty — Cold
Week Fifty-one — Dream State
Week Fifty-two — The End
Week Fifty-three — Selfies Part-Two