126::365 – Nate Friend




Randy S. Bister… We have all shared the amount of respect we have for this man. We could all go on and on about the impression Bister has, and is making on all of us starting from the moment we shook his hand. Randy never views anything or anyone as broken or impossible. There is not a person on this planet Randy would not speak to from a genuine love and care within his chest. He is a man who loves to get his hands dirty with a giant grin on his face every step of the way. More impressive than any of this is Randy’s ability to write, tell and live a story. There is a reason he chose the term “Rand-Venture,” and it is because he does not live a life not story worthy. Heck, he is the first person I ever met under the age of 60 who wanted to travel around in a R.V. His attitude is contagious. When you are around Randy you will have a good time, as well as be near a man who will be intentional with your life.

Don Miller wrote, “A story is based on what people think is important, so when we live a story, we are telling people around us what we think is important.” There are zero questions about what is important to Randy. He loves and serves the Lord well, he loves and serves people well, he loves to work with his hands (especially if it benefits or makes someone else’s life easier), he loves to write and he loves to tell stories. So, to the author of The Selfish Shellfish I applaud. I am daily challenged and encouraged by the amount of faith, fight and endurance you have Bister. Know there are tons of people across the globe behind you cheering you on. I cannot wait to continue following the story you are writing.