126::365 – Nate Friend




Randy S. Bister… We have all shared the amount of respect we have for this man. We could all go on and on about the impression Bister has, and is making on all of us starting from the moment we shook his hand. Randy never views anything or anyone as broken or impossible. There is not a person on this planet Randy would not speak to from a genuine love and care within his chest. He is a man who loves to get his hands dirty with a giant grin on his face every step of the way. More impressive than any of this is Randy’s ability to write, tell and live a story. There is a reason he chose the term “Rand-Venture,” and it is because he does not live a life not story worthy. Heck, he is the first person I ever met under the age of 60 who wanted to travel around in a R.V. His attitude is contagious. When you are around Randy you will have a good time, as well as be near a man who will be intentional with your life.

Don Miller wrote, “A story is based on what people think is important, so when we live a story, we are telling people around us what we think is important.” There are zero questions about what is important to Randy. He loves and serves the Lord well, he loves and serves people well, he loves to work with his hands (especially if it benefits or makes someone else’s life easier), he loves to write and he loves to tell stories. So, to the author of The Selfish Shellfish I applaud. I am daily challenged and encouraged by the amount of faith, fight and endurance you have Bister. Know there are tons of people across the globe behind you cheering you on. I cannot wait to continue following the story you are writing.

124::365 – Nate Hoag

Nathan Hoag  |  Randventure

Nathan Hoag | Randventure

Nathan Hoag  |  Randventure

Nathan Hoag | Randventure

Nathan Hoag  |  Randventure

Nathan Hoag | Randventure

Everyone craves adventure. Some go out and get it while others simply dream about it or fabricate it even if it’s not really there. I’ve always seemed to be able to sniff out a good adventure when I wanted one, but I wouldn’t say that it pervades my entire life. My buddy Randy Bister, on the other hand, is synonymous with the very idea of adventure.

Adventure follows Randy wherever he goes. He’s not an adrenaline junky like many adventuresome types; he’s an adrenaline factory.

Randy, as you are now in the throws of the most intense and overwhelming adventure of your entire life, bear down and press on. May Jesus be your guide as you embrace this pain, sorrow, victory, and joy. May you produce the grace of the gospel to an even greater extent than you produce adventure in all areas of your life.

I love you, buddy.

– Nate

124::365 – Wesley Rumph

Wesley Rumph | Randventure

Wesley Rumph | Randventure



Of all the memories I have of Randy Bister, the most vivid is watching him pull into camp one year at work week on his motorcycle, which he had ridden over mountain passes and through rainstorms from Washington to Colorado — I was extremely jealous.

I think it’s easy for us to misrepresent Randy by describing his hobbies. Doing so basically presents this caricature of masculinity, which isn’t altogether unfitting, but I don’t think anyone would mistake Randy Bister for Clint Eastwood. He’s not some hardened, scowling cynic. In fact, I can hardly remember him without his face cleaved in half by an enormous smile. There’s a kind of unadulterated, childlike thirst for adventure in him. I once watched him sprint after a full-grown mountain lion armed only with a pocket knife.

I think of all his interests, the one that always stood out to me the most was that he used to ride broncos in the rodeo. There’s an irony in that. Bronco riding was born out of horse breaking skills and then there’s Randy, who had a completely untamed spirit. I’m not sure anything can truly break him. Not even cancer. And sure enough, in every photo I’ve seen of him in the hospital, he’s got that giant grin on his face. And I’m sure if a mountain lion walked past his window, he would giddily try to run after it.

I wish cancer wasn’t the adventure he has to endeavor but I can’t imagine anyone better suited for the challenge.


123::365 – Chase Moore


Randy Bister has always been someone who comes to mind when I venture into the mountains.  There is just something about standing on top of a summit that reminds me of the big, deep, masculine war cry that Randy gives when he is in his true element of adventure. In this photo, I can hear his voice shouting down the ridge and echoing off of the sides of the mountains below…awakening and strengthening everyone and everything that hears it. I’m proud of you Randy Bister, and I’m ready to shout off of the tops of mountains again my friend. Keep fighting!

122::365 – Brian Maloy

Brian Maloy  |  Randventure

Brian Maloy | Randventure

Brian Maloy  |  Randventure

Brian Maloy | Randventure

Brian Maloy  |  Randventure

Brian Maloy | Randventure

For everyone who is close to Randy, there are definitely warm sentiments that come to mind. Not only is he one of the most kind and humble men we know, he is passionate about his Faith and seeks the welfare of others at all costs. He is an immensely hard worker, but always takes time for others, to listen, to make sure they know how important they are. You can’t spend time in Randy’s company without knowing you we’re in the presence of Christ.

These are just a few pictures of things I remember about Randy, how serious he took caring for all the rafting equipment, the times we all spent in Silverton on Ironhorse Race Days (the Christ of the Mines sitting above the town), and something as simple as a columbine in the mountains that would have never gone unappreciated for its beauty.

122::365 – Sam DuRegger

Sam DuRegger  |  Randventure

Sam DuRegger | Randventure

I was out this past weekend taking some pictures at the Bonneville Salt Flats and stumbled upon the finish of the Salt Flats 100 Ultra Marathon. Talk about an adventure. All I could think of was Randy, as I watched three participants finish in just under 31 hours… It seemed to be a grueling, gritty, and exhausting race, but the runners passed the finish line all were so happy and filled with complete joy. I saw Randy in the faces of these competitors… he’s that type of fighter.

120::365 – Dave Dunmyre


Randy Bister is the definition of a man. He loves God. He loves his fiancé. He loves nature. He loves riding a motorcycle through the mountains wearing leather. He loves having a beard. He eats red meat. Most of all he loves everyone he meets, he welcomes them with open arms, usually with a hug, a joke, and story of his latest adventure (and there are plenty).

Randy we are praying for you and can’t wait for you to get back into the mountains and start the RandVenture 3.0!!! Love you man!

Randventure… a tribute week.

Randy Bister taking on the Animas River in Durango, CO.

Randy Bister taking on the Animas River in Durango, CO.

As our about page states, we all met in 2006 outside a sleepy town in Southern Colorado, our friendships made strong by rafting trips, mountain biking trails and a plethora of outside adventures. Nights were spent sprawled out on 16 bunk beds scattered around a small cabin, with stories and laughter enfolding our weary bodies as we drifted off to sleep.

It’s easy to call these guys my brothers, because for three summers, we spent every waking hour together — having fun, planning trips, all the while watching over the campers safety and ensuring the camp ran smooth and strong. We called it an adventure camp, but rarely was it such, as our watchful eyes and careful planning kept control just enough within our grasp…

Yvon Chouinard, in the film 180° South, says quite poignantly, “The word adventure has gotten overused. For me, when everything goes wrong, that’s when adventure starts.”

During our time in Colorado, there was a guy who worked with us… he’s one of those rare birds who can talk philosophically with you while breaking down the engine of a 1970 Arctic Cat snowmobile, diagnosing a fix in the engine and simultaneously mending your soul. Randy Bister is his name, and he is a Renaissance Man. The guy had a RV he called Randventure, which I’m sure he fixed up with his bare hands melding Bondo and fiberglass, metal and plastic to become a road eating machine. Randy has countless stories in his repertoire of when the plan broke down and he had to figure a way out… stories truly filled with adventure.

This week we are going to be paying tribute to the essence of the man Randy Bister, as he’s in the middle of one of the biggest adventures of his life, quite literally. Right now, Randy is battling the cancer for the second time in only a handful of years, our prayers are continually for him and we wanted to take a break from our normal pictures and get some of our friends to join in on some photo encouragement. Our pictures this week are appropriately themed — Randventure — photos that remind us and encourage us towards and over the fear any adventure may bring.

Randy… this week is for you. Be strong. Fight on. Your brothers are by your side.


“Fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all… but we just went for it.”
– Yvon Chouinard