Playgrounds are closed…

The playgrounds are closed. The schools are empty. 
Caution tape is draped around steel cages as chain-linked seats swing empty, moving inches in windswept schoolyards devoid of laughter, silent.
No feet are tromping across the green field grass, kicking up dirt and dust as soccer balls scoot towards white-netted goals.
Basketball hoops have all lost their chains, no dribbling, taunting, or swishing of nets. 
The playgrounds are empty and we are home.
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Quarantine Edition

After a 4 year hiatus, we are back with the 7Lenses – Quarantine Edition. From April 6 – May 25, 2020, we’ll post a photo challenge on this blog every Monday followed by the posting of our photographic interpretations of this theme throughout the week with a Sunday deadline. You can follow along here or join us in the challenge by posting with us on Instagram using the hashtag: #7Lenses. For this 8-week edition, we’ll follow the School of Life’s 8 Consoling Virtues as the guide for each of the challenges.

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Come shoot with us…

As we began planning for the relaunch of 7Lenses, there was a lot of conversation in our Slack channel about opening up to other contributors. And while we did add one good Friend, we haven’t yet opened up the floodgates on the site. But Instagram… now there is an opportunity for some amazing collaboration. And after we had a few acquaintances join in organically with tagged posts related to the week’s theme, we just knew it was time to invite the world to officially join in on Instagram with posts of your own.

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Back for another year…

Three and a half years since finishing out our first collaboration, we are back. From June 2016 – June 2017, follow us on the journey of 7 Lenses now 8 lenses, as we post a photo a day based on a weekly theme. This year our themes are a bit more open to different perspectives which should yield a more interesting curation of photos! I’m really looking forward to what everyone brings to the submission table (and what might hit the cutting floor).

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