Week 4 – Ordinary Life

Photos under this theme would assuage our feelings that life is somehow always elsewhere, and that glamour and importance reside where we are not. Goal of these photos would be to enhance the prestige of ordinary life.

Ordinary Life Prompts: A photograph might…

  • show a less mediatised version of real life
  • have less glamour, more reality
  • show how normal citizens live, yes, even in quarantine
  • capture the moments that make up the memories of yesterday
  • create a feeling of prestige within the daily routines
  • reveal the quiet heroism in putting one foot in front of the other
  • reawaken the small pleasures
  • show what it is like to not give in to rage and anxiety

To join in on Instagram, use hashtag #7Lenses #ordinarylife and tag @7Lenses in the photo.

Excerpt from A Replacement for Religion on Ordinary Life

We are not heroes; we recognize ourselves as ordinary
And are committed to seeing the merits of our ordinary lives.

We see what is lovely, sweet, good and important
About simple and commonplace things.
’Ordinary’ isn’t a name for failure.
Understood more carefully,
And seen with a more generous and perceptive eye.
It contains the best of life.

Life is not elsewhere, is it, fully and properly,
Here and now.


*Excerpts from Chapter 4 & Chapter 6 in “A Replacement for Religion” by The School of Life.