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We are back. It’s been three and a half years since we launched SevenLens.es, and many of you experienced our commitment to respond to these universal themes with the lens voicing our perspective. It was difficult, and yet such a joy to complete. In the time since we completed the project, many of us still reference the site and check back to it, when talking of creative endeavors and collaborative pursuits. It has become a timestamp in our creative maturation.

This year we have groomed 52 more themes and have added a lens to the mix… Nate Friend had a few guests posts last year, and has been a friend and collaborator with most of us in some form or another since we all worked together in 2006. You can find out more about Nate in the photographers bios, and look for other voices to fill out our stream with new perspectives, as we take another step back on this thing we call life and try to document how we see the things we feel, hear, and view in our everyday.

This year’s effort is dedicated to the life of Mary Margaret Hogan.


The Inspiration

We believe God breathed into humankind the ability to create, and we don’t take that inspiration lightly. We want to be challenged and spurred in our creativity, and this site was put together to share our photographic interpretations of many of life’s themes.

SevenLens.es will cover one theme a week (for 52 weeks) — showcasing many different perspectives of the same idea.

We hope that you will come back often and experience the world through the lenses of friendship — 365 opportunities to be inspired to pursue your own creative endeavor.

How we met…

Slack for iOS Upload-1Long story short, we all met in 2006, near a sleepy town in Southwest Colorado. Converging from all over the country, we were young and adventurous; nature, hot coffee, and the warm sun were our vices. We bonded over hikes, breakfast burritos, and the allure of cold mountain streams. Little did we know one summer could have such a profound effect on us all.

Fast-forward a handful of years, some of us are married, some of us have kids, and none of us live anywhere close to each other. But get us together where the brew is flowing, fire is glowing and the wind is howling you’re sure to hear a story or two worthy of another round.

This particular project has been in making for over five years, and is finally coming to fruition (in a slightly different form then the original). The evolution of an idea is a beautiful thing to behold, for change is the essence of beauty, and maturation it’s byproduct. SevenLens.es is an example of this maturation, a creative collaboration between friends tied together by the inexplicable bond of time and shared experience.

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